Every have a group of folks needing to be at the same place at the same time, and you have that one person that is always "on their way?".

Well when you use this to send out the invitation, it will request access to the users location and setup the meeting point.

Everyone will see on a map that you haven't even left your house yet and everyone else is at the meeting. Get with it dude!

How does IMYUR meeting work?

Using the form below you select a meeting time and meeting location. Example 1pm at the High School (use proper address).

Select your attendees by entering either an email or phone address. Note: if you don't use phone they might not have precise location access

Select how long in advanced to notify on the day of the meeting.

Hit Send

From there an notification will go to each attendee, with the location, time and option to be followed until meeting time.

Day of the meeting a notification goes out to each attendee with a map location of all those attending and current locations.

Up to 1 hour after the meeting the coordination of each attendee will be visible on the map to all those in called.

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